• Friend fact6

    Street credibility: We all know and love street food and food trucks. But some fifty years ago there was already a lozenge truck by your favourite ...
  • Friend fact8

    Freshness without frontiers: Our first exports abroad went to Norway, then came Finland and Sweden. Read all about the Scandinavian adventures and ...
  • Friend fact7

    And counting: How many lozenges are we producing per year? 5 million, 50 millions, 500 millions or even 5 billion? Get the breathtaking facts and f...
  • Friend fact5

    It runs in the family – since 1865! Fisherman’s Friend is a true family business. Founded by James Lofthouse, a pharmacist from Fleetwood and the i...
  • Friend fact4

    We bow down: Why did Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II honour us not with one but with three royal awards in the eighties? Read all about this royal e...
  • Friend fact3

    Sweet sensation: Fisherman’s Friend were the inventors of sugar-free mint lozenges. Find out more about this and other historic news.
  • Friend fact2

    Go with the flow: Did you know that the first Fisherman’s Friends were liquid? Find out why and what happened next.
  • Friend fact1

    History refreshed: How did Fisherman’s Friend get their name? Were there real fisherman involved? And how did James Lofthouse come up with the idea?